The Internet is an incredible resource for collaboration and the sharing of talents in our modern society. United States born singer Alina Baraz, 20, stumbled upon music producer Galimatias, 22, of Denmark earlier this year and a serendipitous connection was made.

Recently, the two young artists have been releasing collaboration tracks, fusing Alina's amazing voice and Galimatias' affinity for producing soothing, ear-pleasing beats.

Drift“, “Make you Feel“, and most recently “Pretty Thoughts” captured the attention of online music lovers and created a place for the duo in the glo-fi scene. Galimatias has been producing hip-hop style music since the age of 15, and electronic dance music for two years. Edm has stolen his heart and now requires the majority of his attention.

“Pretty Thoughts” is a masterful creation, blending the luminous voice of Alina with a futuristic/hip-hop beat that rides out the entire 3:30 of the song.

Between Alina's star quality and the essential live element provided by Galimatias, there is nothing that can hold these two back. With over 100k plays in one week, it is clear that this duo has all the necessary juice to cause an explosion in the chill-wave scene.