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Spotify Releases Free Mobile Variant

Spotify is a music streaming service that has required it's users to pay a monthly fee in order to use the services since it's conception. While it has had much success under this model, they have decided to expand their service further.

Now, the music provider is following in the footsteps of rival music streaming services such as Pandora by offering a free version. The app is said to allow users to initially play a limited number of songs through specific request, but will pull the majority of the songs streamed from music that the user usually listens to, such as Pandora or iTunes Radio. They will be able to pay for this through the use of advertisement videos, images and audio clips distributed throughout the app.

All of this was revealed at their NYC press event yesterday, where they also revealed that the company is being introduced to 20 new markets, and has a new license with Led Zeppelin, in which they are now able to include the band's work in their service.

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