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Deadmau5 Gives Updates On His ‘Suckscription Model’

Deadmau5 recently took to Reddit to give us an update on his brand new “Suckscription Model” which will feature Live Streams, Music, Message Boards and Chat. Here's the important points Deadmau5 said about his new subscription service below:

● This thing will launch REALLY friggen soon.

● HTTP version and a downloadable Desktop Application for mac and PC will roll out first. (i figured this would be best, since most people do have computers, esp hooked up to decent speakers. kinda important when you want to listen to music) Then iphone, then android, win phone… n everything else.

● Everyone can make an account sign in, listen to clips, read the News, check out photos, and view live streams. Im not leaving anyone out just because they can't or don't want to pay for stuff.

● Paid subscribers (if i even get any) will have the following advantages:

LIVE STREAMS: Some or most live streams will be exclusive to subscibers only. for instance, tutorials, screen sharing stuff, events and concerts. But i will occasionally (as i already do now) allow all members paid and non paid to come and watch.

MUSIC: FULL length versions of the clips i post…. for example… subs and non subs will have access to 30 second or so clips of ‘new tracks' that i upload when i finish a track…. but in my CMS, i can upload a full version of it, and enable downloads for subscribers only.

MSG BOREDS: (as i call it) Just a simple msg board for people to post stuff which ill come in and periodically reply and whatnot. Everyone can enter and lurk, but only subs can post.

CHAT: yeah…. im going there. Frequently, when im on tour, or have some non stream time at home… i can have a live chat with you guys. Normally chat rooms scare the shit out of me… just because of the chaos that ensues. but i think i've found a graceful solution: Whenever a chat goes live, and there are xxx amount of people, we will write the application in a way that only subs get +v (voiced) so they can chat away, even when im not there. all non subs get +m (sorry)… however, when i announce a chat… the chat app will randomly select any 4 users at a time, say for 4 minutes, and we have a quick discussion about whats on your mind., or answer q's…. then, i hit a button on my backend, and it unmutes 4 more, and we do the same, and so on and so on…. that way at least the conversation will be A. manageable and coherent. B. not annoying for anyone else… which makes sense to me… then i guess when the live chat session is over… the channel will just reset back to +v for subscribers only. i think this is fair? im open to ideas!

● Since we are launching with http / desktop apps…. LOTS of DLC will be available to subs. (yes there will be DLC for non subs as well, just not as much) as for what tat DLC is, who knows. im sure i have lots of cool shit laying around you guys can have, and i could probably take the time to make more.

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● need to discuss this with my team, but paid subs will also receive discounts on tickets and crap, if thats your thing.

● paid subs will also have full access to my entire catalogue + downloads. I know the internet ios basicly the wild fuckin west when it comes to someone buying a subscription, downloading all my shit and just uploading it for him and all his buddies, but ill just take that risk coz well… thats just how it is. I still have faith in my fans. so w/e.

um…. i think theres more? but i forget…. hope this helps clear shit up!

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