It's not often that I get to sit here and truly be excited about the music that I peddle to you, the reader. Oftentimes I review music that isn't of my personal preference but today is not one of those times. Krooked Drivers have delivered exactly what I wanted for this stressful week, an absolutely genius helping of quality music. Listening to the “Right Beneath Your Feet” all the way through, I was brought on a musical journey of epic proportions. Composed of 6 tracks, the musical layering and complexity is outshone only by the funky composition and tonal chopping that gives the tracks so much character. The brass sectionals combined with the soulful vocalizations and tender melodies accentuate the variety of instruments being used and brings me back to my childhood days of listening to jazz and blues with my dad. It's as if you're listening to something out of nostalgia and curiosity of the unknown at the same time! Well, that concludes my glowing review of this dope EP, but if that wasn't enough, Krooked Drivers are giving the EP away for free through Gravitas Recordings. Everything free is automatically better guys, so make sure to download the album and keep your week going smoothly.