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The Making of Wild Villagers – An Interview with The Two Sisters

EDM Sauce is proud to announce our new partnership with Wild Villagers Clothing. Originally we noticed there was a void in the market for women's EDM clothing besides raver clothing. Learn the story of two sisters working side by side on creating this new line of clothing especially for people who love Electronic Dance Music.


Tell me what Wild Villagers is and how it began?

Sabrina + Samantha:

  • History: Wild Villagers is an EDM wear line.  It began because we wanted to find original and awesome outfits.  We were tired of wearing the same generic clothes that everyone has. After endlessly searching for original and unique clothes, and not finding what we were looking for, we decided to get creative and make our own outfits. Then, we were showered with compliments  from girls and boys, saying “We LOVE your outfit! Where did you get it?!” Many fans also wanted to take pictures with us, along with being featured in many of the event’s press videos and blogs.  Because we had such a tremendously positive response, we wanted to share our designs with the world, and so Wild Villagers was born.
  • Naming: To come up with the name, we had many brain storming sessions. We wanted to pick something that really represented our brand.  The “Wild” part of the name stands for being unique, free, and daring.  The “Villagers” part of the name represents a group of us that is part of the EDM community. Together we are united, loving, and ready to have a great time!
  • Concept: The concept is simple. Create eye-catching, stylish, and flirty outfits that will have girls feeling confident, and excited.  Our clothes are designed for girls to express themselves, stand out in the crowd, and be remembered.  Wild Villagers’ items are all limited edition and not mass-produced so that everyone is guaranteed to wear different designs! We want enhance the experience of going to an event by wearing an amazing outfit!

Is Wild Villagers your full-time jobs right now?

Sabrina + Samantha:

  • Wild Villagers is our full time Job right now. We have plenty to do because together we do everything for our company. Sabrina designs the clothes, makes the patterns, selects the fabrics, and creates the garments. Samantha heads the website, and marketing in addition to the backend of the business

How has the start up process been with your sister thus far?

Sabrina + Samantha:

  • Working together has really been a blessing.  We both have different strengths that together create a great team. The advantage of being sisters is that we know each other as well as anyone could- we can easily communicate through a glance in a meeting or when picking out new fabrics.Wild Villagers Skirt

What's your inspirations behind your designs?

Sabrina + Samantha:

  • “The inspiration behind my designs is really the girls that I am designing for. When I am creating different designs I think of girls with different attitudes and how they would want to express themselves. I think of the excitement that the girls put into their EDM outfits and that gets me excited and creative. I always want to design clothes that you cannot find anywhere else and that will really make girls stand out, be remembered, and feel special.” -Sabrina

What would you like to see happen with Wild Villagers in the future?

Sabrina + Samantha:

  • We started Wild Villagers to fill a void that we noticed in the market.  We wanted to wear crazy outfits that no one else at the concerts would be wearing and we also wanted to be comfortable! I would love for girls around the world to know that we are here for them! I want to dress girls for shows all over the world. It puts a smile on my face to think we could spread fun and excitement through our Clothing. I know that fun outfits are missing to wear to these events because I used to be one of the girls looking for things to wear and ever since I started creating and wearing Wild Villagers I just have that much more fun at the concerts! Many times we get asked to be photographed, filmed, or even brought up on stage because our outfits literally caused a scene, and those are some of my favorite memories! I want there to be more Wild Villagers out there stealing the show!
  • We also plan on expanding to EDM menswear, accessories, and having the dancers at festivals like EDC wearing our designs!

What are the signature things with Wild Villagers?

Sabrina + Samantha:

  • The signature things with Wild Villagers starts with the material. Our clothes are designed specifically for these events so when choosing the material my main concerns were keeping cool, flexibility, and comfort! There are plenty of regular clothes that you could put together and wear to a show but we guarantee you that you would not be as comfortable or as dry as we are, our material is breathable so you don't sweat as much and if you do it won't show like it would with cotton and dries extremely fast. Next I would have to say is our fringe pieces. They are super fun and flirty- and most importantly they draw a lot of attention to the wearer! We love the fringe because it exaggerates all of your dance moves from twirling around to jumping up and down the fringe dances around you and it truly does make any show more fun! Lastly, our leotards are also one of our signatures. I (Sabrina) design them firstly to be worn alone but they also look great with a circle skirt or shorts. Our leotards are usually cover more skin than what most girls are wearing but with the cutouts and prints they draw more fantasy and leave eyes wanting to see more.
  • Our clothes are made to enrich the experience of going to shows. They are for the girls who aren't scared to turn heads and dance for hours.  As you can see we use lots of bold colors and amazing prints that are not mass-produced and all of our fabrics are limited edition, so you can’t find them anywhere else.  These outfits make you feel like the coolest girl in the room, because you are! Wild Villagers Fringe

Do you plan on working with any artists?

Sabrina + Samantha:

  • We have worked with DJ duo NERVO in the past, their cutting edge style went hand in hand with our fresh new approach to clothing. Sabrina was inspired by their attitude and their girl power and designed some really amazing leotards for them. We know we will have a lot of fun working with other artists in the future. Sabrina is always creating things that have not been done before and I feel that is what every artist strives to do, so working together with some artists  would only end in us coming up with some really interesting and amazing things!

How important is social media for Wild Villagers? How do you best utilize it?

Sabrina + Samantha:

  • Social media is important to us because we want to have a dialogue with our girls. We and we love receiving feedback and getting re-inspired by our customers. We want girls to know that we are out there with apparel that they have been waiting for! We best utilize social media with visual formats namely Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. It is so much fun for us to directly engage with all the awesome EDM girls and build relationships with each other!  We love seeing how the girls rock Wild Villagers differently!

What books, people, or media inspire your inner entrepreneur or teach you new lessons about business?

Sabrina + Samantha:

  • For us, our inner entrepreneurial drive comes naturally.  We have always been very motivated to make a difference.  Wild Villagers allows us to enhance the experience of going to an event by having an awesome outfit to wear! We are inspired from all different outlets.  Our top inspiration is of course all the fabulous EDM girls out there. DJs like Nervo, Afrojack, Avicii, and Tiesto make some of our favorite songs.  Books that we use on a daily basis are: The Fashion Designer Survival Guide by Mary Gehlhar , From Idea to Success by Gregg Fairbrothers, and Our Iceberg is Melting by John Kotter. We get so many ideas and feed off the massive energy from events like New York’s Electric Zoo, Belgium’s Tomorrowland and Sensation White. Our inspiration is everywhere!

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Wild Villagers Skirt


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