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Just Who Are The I’m So Happy Crew

While at day one of Electric Zoo, I ran into some really cool people with a great ideology. What caught my eye was the shirt they were wearing. In fine print it read “I'm So Happy.” I decided to approach the guys wearing the shirts, to tell them how cool I thought the shirts were. I decided to them and get their story. It is as follows:

When I die bury me in my I’m So Happy shirt. We probably love you.

I’m So Happy Crew is a group of high-energy, music fanatics, whose passion is in the happiness of others. Our credo designates good vibes, better dance moves, and a commitment to smiles, hugs, and positivity. The first I’m So Happy shirt was given to founder, Eric Tovar, when he was in fifth grade. It wasn’t until attending college at Villanova (outside Philadelphia) coupled with a complete immersion in electronic music that the idea to spread the happiness became an integral part of his life. Sharing this ideology with a close group of classmates, the crew began and expanded and has thus taken the Philadelphia area by storm.

Donning the I’m So Happy shirt designates a commitment to our ideology. Although this ideology has subsequently immersed itself into every aspect of our lives, we found it pairs perfectly with the electronic music scene. As avid festival and show-goers, we pledge our time, energy, and finances to spreading our credo. We are equally committed to the enjoyment of others as much as we are our own. It is that very fact that has gained us such popularity in the past year and a half. Good people, good music, good times. It is that simple. Having experienced show-goers on our team allows our credo to expand to enjoying ourselves safely and responsibly while still leaving it all on the dance floor. We are the first people to check on someone sitting, feed the front-rowers water or pull someone from the crowd that needs a break. Many times, a crew member can be found removing the shirt off their own back if the connection is strong enough. We will do literally anything to enhance the experience of those around us. This familial tendency is what, we feel, the scene is lacking. We are a family, we are all there to enjoy ourselves and the music, but not at the expense of our health or the enjoyment of those around us. This is a part of the credo that takes priority once donning the shirt, to always look out for your neighbor and always act when circumstances require action. With every shirt we give away or sell, that is the ideology we bestow on the new member. It is the mantra that draws people to us. It defines our actions and makes us better people on a daily basis in AND out of the scene in our daily lives. Since its creation, the crew has grown indeed. We have since expanded our sphere of influence to most of the East Coast, from Boston to Atlanta (Eric is currently a Senior at Auburn University); however, we are mainly based out of Philadelphia. The weekend of Aug. 3 this past year we had Happy Representatives at Veld Fest (Toronto, Canada), MDBP (Washington DC), Lollapalooza (Chicago, IL), Benny Benassi (Washington DC), Infected Mushroom (NY, NY), and Electric Adventure (Jackson, NJ).

We are so proud of what we stand for and the connections we have made in our journey to spread I’m So Happy.

You can follow them on twitter at @ImSoHappyCrew as well as contact them on Facebook at “I’m So Happy Apparel”.

They tweet regularly and follow back their followers, allowing them to communicate and interact with them easily. Their twitter is the spot to find out where they will be so happy next.

And remember,

Stay happy my friends…

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Original So Happy members:

Eric Tovar (Tovar) @ImSoTovar
Devon (Brain) @Brainchilllddd
Doyle (Doyle) @DoyleTheKid
Frank (Midas) @KingMidas_19

Im so happy 1

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