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Tommie Sunshine Shares His Clean Artist Rider
Tommie Sunshine Shares His Clean Artist Rider

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Tommie Sunshine Shares His Artist Rider, You May Be Surprised

Tommie Sunshine is an EDM artist who is taking the stance on having a clean lifestyle. Tommie Sunshine wants to help move the scene forward by showing the you can enjoy the scene without the use of drugs. Here Tommie shows us his artist rider and what he expects at all of his shows.

On Tommie Sunshine's Tumblr account, he posted his gig rider as you'll see below:

(a) PURCHASER will provide a clean, PRIVATE, secure dressing room/area that includes appropriate climate control, electricity, and comfortable seating for five (5) people.
(b) ABSOLUTELY no one but sound or lighting technician on stage or in
booth during Artist performance. (NO EXCEPTIONS) If security is needed
to enforce, please provide.
(c) ABSOLUTELY no alcohol on stage or in the booth. Tommie is sober &
requests all previous drinks cleaned up & removed from the booth. (NO
(d) PURCHASE must provide adequate security for Artist and his
equipment. In the event of theft or vandalism of the Artist’s
equipment, PURCHASER shall be liable to reimburse the Artist at his
asking price.
(a) Twenty (20) spots on the complimentary guest list
(b) Dinner for Artist or a buy-out of cash for the night of performance
(c) A case of cold sealed Evian Water (non-sparkling)

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