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Playlist: Top 10 Artist Submissions (Week of August 23rd)

Apparently all of the DJs have had some downtime to work on new tracks, because when I opened the email today to make this week's post there were almost 700 unread messages. I'm still working my way through it, obvi, so some of the recent tracks are going to get pushed to next week.

1) Medicine Time -Kasum Mashup (Imagine Dragons vs Daughter vs The Chainsmokers)
I redid the entire lineup based on this song. It is impeccably done. The different melodies and messages of these three very different songs blend so seamlessly I was frankly astounded. Even if you don't like mashups, please give this track a chance.

2) Top of the World (Karboncopy Remix) – Paul Oakenfold ft. Joyriders
This song is just *so* good. I love its lyrics, the driving beat, the drops, the movement… it's just epic.

3) Been Forever (Glitchhop Mix) – The Maniac Agenda & Randy Seidman
I've never been a huge fan of glitch hop, but this song wiped out all my objections.

4) BLUE JEANS (DyNomiTe Chillstep Remix) – Lana Del Rey
I have a perfectly acceptable girl-crush on Lana Del Rey. This remix perfectly accentuates her slow sultry lyrics.

5) The M Machine – Ghosts In The Machine (Monument Remix)
In May 2012, I received a really sweet message from a DJ who was just on his way producing tracks. As (bad) luck would have it, the day prior I started administrating edmsauce's soundcloud, and this was sent to my personal account — so I never got the message. I saw it today. This is the latest from his soundcloud, and it is fantastic.

6) Shapiro – The Dark Sea (M35 Remix)
Great drums and catchy rhythms make this no-vocals track stand out.

7) Russ Chimes – Turn Me Out (Maxum 2.0 Remix)
A high-flying, good feeling remix with solid production from newcomer Maxum.

8) Muttonheads – Snow White (Alive) feat. Eden Martin (Original Mix)
I love the lyrics of this track, even though I personally feel the vocalist‘s pitch or tone is a bit off in places. Excellent composition and drops are well done.

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9) Green Day – Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (Kasum Remix)
For all you peeps who came to EDM from the Alternative scene, this track is for you.

10) Lets Be Friends – Come N' Get It
The filthiness of this track does, indeed, ensure that you want to be friends.

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