For their sophomore release (NSP002) Night Supply again reaches out to one Colorado’s most recognizable artists, not solely in the landscape of electronic music, but the music scene as a whole- tapping option4’s soulfully deep single “All the Girls”. With support on past releases from Bit Funk, Justin Jay and a host of other attractive names in house music, option4 was a superlative pick to symbiotically team up with Night Supply for another peak-hour Deep-House tune. Denver’s house music beat maestro remains renowned both nationally and locally for creating sonically textured dance music, and “All the Girls” more than keeps pace with his ever-burgeoning and thriving catalog. A straight up four-to-the-floor beat paces the emotive party-starter, before an exquisitely rendered synth line pushes “All the Girls” further into bouncy club territory. Further bolstering the cut is a well thought out break driven by an appropriately chopped and spliced vocal sample from N.E.R.D.’s “Everyone Nose” which creates the perfect sense of dance-floor urgency and twerk induced rhythms from its listener.