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Wrap Up of Flux Pavilion's AMA on Reddit
Wrap Up of Flux Pavilion's AMA on Reddit

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Flux Pavilion Is Giving Up Social Media

Flux Pavilion has just announced that he has taken it upon himself to give up social media. Here Flux Pavilion said that he will be giving up “every vine/twitter/instagram” platform. With so much hate/trolling and bullying going on with the internet, it seems that the final straw for Flux Pavilion has been pulled.

Flux Pavilion decides to expand a bit on his previous statement of giving up social media.

“Im sure im gonna get asked about this so i would like to refine my statement a little more. Giving up is a strong term to use, i dont want anyone to think I dont care about all of you music lovers out there. Social media is great, and has been incredibly important not just for my career but electronic music in general, it has given us our own world to build however we like, freedom to express ourselves and share our ideas and art with each other. Its a powerful thing. I was showing a friend a vine that i had created and out of the corner of my eye I saw the top comment ‘Your Vines Suck' . . . and i thought “yeah, i guess it does . . . but i never intended for it to not suck” it was just a funny thing that i thought of bored in a backstage cabin in the middle of Finland. It made me think about what makes me who i am, and that has always been my music. My music is what defines me and that's all I want ‘Flux Pavilion' to be. I was once told ‘you are only ever as good as your last song', which in itself is quite a damning statement, but i think there is a truth in the fact that my output as a musician is how i choose to present myself, i want to dedicate my mental space to making sure that my music is the best that it can be. ‘You are only as good as your last vine' is an echo'ing thought of a world that i dont want to live in. So im taking a little break from it all to plug my guitar in and jam my merry fingers away and hopefully create something that im proud of. If you want to define me from my last post, then i guess this is a good one to end on for a little while.”

Enjoy your time off Flux!

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