On Thursday, the talk show host known as Wendy Williams hosted a piece about the legal battles of Pasquale Rotella with the city of LA. While this story has been going on for years now, the court hearing was just the other week. Here Wendy Williams continues to give “words of wisdom” to Pasquale's fiance Holly Madison saying that she shouldn't be going after Pasquale with all of the legal battles surrounding him and the new baby.

Fast forward to 6:33 for the clip about Pasquale:

Wendy continues to talk about EDM and the rave culture while talking about the use of drugs and the “music that all sounds the same.”

This isn't the first time Pasquale has received heat from the media, but below you will find the tweet from Pasquale inviting Wendy Williams to EDC Las Vegas to see for herself.

Pasquale Rotella Invited Wendy Williams to EDC Las Vegas

So… Wendy, will we see you there?