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Zedd - Clarity EP Release
Zedd - Clarity EP Release

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Best Remixes of Clarity

Zedd is killing it, as you know, and it may be that his song Clarity is the boat that's taking him mainstream (lolololo, sorry I like bad jokes). Anyway, I love the track and I was interested to do a bit of research and examine all the various versions of it on Zedd's remix competition– that moment when a track hits its stride and all the other djs of the world seize it and make a million new iterations is pretty fascinating.

So here they are, some of my new discoveries:
Panic City
Radioactive Sandwich
DJ Noriken

Check out the remixers and let me know your favorites – or better, if you'd DONE a remix and want us to hear it, let me know the link!!!

Zedd - Clarity EP Release

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