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AzR- Drive. A new song with a different view on EDM production.
AzR- Drive. A new song with a different view on EDM production.


AzR- Drive. A new song with a different view on EDM production.

Finally!  I did not think I would live to see the day that EDM and Rock and Roll would come together to make a baby.  Given, that the song does not actually have any guitar in it, it is the way that the song was made that makes it a baby of the two genres.  AzR molded the song in the way that many Rock and Roll songs are with an intro, verse, chorus, guitar solo, and outro.

AzR starts off “Drive” with a very DeadMau5/Tiesto  transient sound that fans oh so love.  Then just before the four minute mark, he pulls the Wub Wub's of dubstep out of no where that act like a guitar solo which then fades back into the chorus.  The song is an ode to young lovers that are running from the law… or their parents; usually the same thing in the eyes of lovers.  The dubstep solo is of course the climax of the song which acts like the final push for freedom for the two lovers.  I've been waiting for someone to come out with a song that creates a personal relationship with it's listeners.  You may say, “I have heard songs that speak of love.”  This is true.  Even though there are many EDM songs that have lyrics that speak of love or lust, this is the first that I have heard which tells a story that people can relate to.

I give AzR a 7 out of 10 for “Drive.”  I love the way that the song was made, and the message that it portrays.  I think this is a good first try for AzR.  I hope that he sticks to this style because it is fresh, and different.  I highly recommend downloading this song.

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– Jay

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