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Annoying Fad: Celebrity Headphones

Dre. Ludacris. Xzibit. Deadmau5. Snooki. Simon Cowell. DJ Pauly D.

I have no problem with celebrity-endorsed products (I think we can all agree that Air Jordans were basically once the coolest shoes ever, and I have to admit the Britney Spears perfumes pretty fantastic). But the flood of musicians into the high-end-headphones arena is getting a little absurd at this point.

Whatever happened to buying Headphones because they were good?

Myself, I have three pairs that I swear by:

Sennheiser HD650 – The price tag is heart-stopping ($450), but you can't find a better pair of headphones anywhere on earth. The Aston Martin of audio, the bass in these is so fantastic, I feel as if I'm actually in the club.

Bose's Noise Cancelling Headphones – These are my go-to-headphones for long plane rides. I can't even tell you how many times a screaming 2year old nightmare has been perched next to me, and then I put on these babies and hear literally nothing except the music.

Audio Technica ATHM50S -The cheapest of the group, the audio experience is equally good and I think they are very stylish looking. If anything, I find that these headphones are best for listening to dubstep (especially FluxP and Adventure Club) and not the bits of concert piano that many artists are throwing in lately.

I have other pairs by SOL, Sony, and Akai (and of course the eardrum ripping default Apple earpieces) but those are seldom used.
I am SURE that you guys have strong opinions on this. What headphones do you use? What headphones suck? Has anyone tried the celebrity-endorsed ones and how are they?

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