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5 Minutes with Deorro (ton!c)

Readers reacted when we published news that Ton!c, a well known DJ based out of Los Angeles, was being forced to change his name. We were lucky enough to snag 5 minutes to get some more details.

So, I'll just ask the question everyone wants to know… what happened? at what point did someone reach out to you and say that you had to change your name? Months ago?
Yes its been a while since we came upon this problem, actually almost a year before we actually changed my name to Deorro. It just took us a while to figure out whether we can keep “tonic” in any way, and it turned out that it was much too complicated.

Did you put up a legal fight or was it clear to you that you'd have to change your name?
We didn't get to that level of being in court or anything like that…but we did struggle to find different things we could do, and it just wasn't working out.

How have your fans taken the News?
At first many weren't for it, but as time goes on, more and more fans are starting to tell me things like “Deorro fits you!” or “I like the name now!” and little by little its starting to get more accepted. I honestly think my fans know that a name change won't change the music.

Does it affect any of your deals with labels or tracks coming out or anything?
Well, to me the name change is sort of like a fresh start, I do like many releases that I have under TON!C, but I think its time to take it to the next level- new name, new road. And so far so good. I have the support of many new
professional artists. I feel as if they were to search “Tonic” or “TON!C”, some of the old low quality stuff will pop out, unlike if they were to search “Deorro” its more new and more experienced. I guess those fans that knew me before i was “Deorro” are sort of like a private club lol, they know the real story. And my new “Deorro” fans will just have to figure it out somehow or never know the difference.

For the record I would not say anything you've ever done is low quality! But how do you feel about what happened?
I'm honestly honored to be considered a threat. It only tells me that I'm doing something right.

That's a great attitude.
Can you explain the meaning behind your new name?
Yes, it comes from my last name, The first two syllables are Orro. In spanish its De Orro. I just bunched it up together and got “Deorro.”

Do you have anything exciting coming up this summer? Big concerts? New releases?
Well, summer is coming to an end, but I can guarantee that this coming fall/winter for sure will have some awesome surprises! Albums, singles, collabs, international tours, and more!

You must have noticed that DJ Mag is currently doing its top 100. Who are your top influencers?
I really love watching Joachim Garraud, Laidback Luke, and Gaslamp Killer do their thing on the decks, it certainly takes lots of skill to do what they do at their level. It ain't no walk in the park either, I'm sure it's a bit of a challenge for them- but that's the point for a talented DJ, not to have it easy, and be able to do it with your eyes closed or flashing lights in your eyes. They take on challenges by doing live mash-ups, scratching and looping, and knocking every single trick down… that all takes real skill, and thats what I look at.

And being on the circuit, is there any other DJ that stands out to you as being an ‘example' of where you'd like to be (that can be in terms of success or just their attitude and coolness)?
Well, like I said Joachim Garraud has been a huge influence for many years, his visuals and use of vocal mashups in his mixes are extraordinary. I love what he does and you can tell he's a music addict… he's motivated for the music. Hopefully one day I may share the stage and maybe show him some of my tricks!

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Well that's about all the time we have for today, thank you for sharing more information about your name change and what's next!

Check out Deorro's new facebook and updated soundcloud for free downloads and more info.

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