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Top 100 DJ Mag

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Who I’m Voting For – DJ Mag Top 100 (Laser)

Alright! so as Elle mentioned in her post Stevo has been after us about this DJ Mag top 100. Here it is from my point of view. I will have you know that I picked these DJ's because they are either my favorites or have moved the soul at a live show or a combination of both. I will go in reverse order to build a little tension…

5. Flux Pavillion

I picked Flux for several reasons. First the guy is just straight talented and I dont think any one can argue that. If you're ever at a raunchy dub step show and he's not playing, you best believe whoever is spinning is going to throw down a Flux track. Not to mention his live shows are (pardon me) THE TITS !

4. Porter Robinson

Can you say raw talent? This kid is good, his live shows are ridic. It's like a constant energy feeding throughout the body. Skrillex signed him super early on to his Record Label OWSLA and he was an unproven nobody from North Carolina at the time. Because Porter Robinson is that good. His set at lollapalooza 2012 solidified him a spot in my top 5 DJ's no doubt. Not to mention the whole Spitfire album was beyond brilliant.

3. Big Gigantic

Let me tell you something… playing the sax hasn't been this cool since Bill Clinton was doin' it while getting dirty beej's in the oval office. Big Gigantic live shows are so impressive, they get you with the filthy wubs and then Dominic takes you exponentially higher with his sax. So much talent.

2. Madeon

Had to go with the child prodigy. Just look at him- he basically is a small child on stage and you're like what? when you hear the sounds he is capable of. The kid just turned 18 and hes producing some of the best as well as unique songs in the EDM game now. Not many come close to what this kid can do, he is raw talent and at only 18 he is doing things you would expect from a tenured producer/dj.

And finally the cake taker and number one …..

Derrick Vincent Smith AKA Pretty Lights!

The way he holds control over you at shows, his music as many have said before moves the soul. Pretty Lights is (in my opinion) the most impressive/talented producer in the scene right now. No one on the planet touches his live set and his discography I could listen to over and over and never get bored (I recommend you try it). His show was the first EDM show I ever went to, so naturally it holds a special place in my heart.

Honorable mentions: Deadmau5, Dillon Francis, Nero =)

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