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tiesto is rich as hell
tiesto is rich as hell

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Today I Learned that Tiesto is Rich As Hell

    For those of you who don't know this, every year Forbes publishes a list that shows the worlds richest people. This year, they actually (for the first time EVER) released a list of the wealthiest djs. And holy shitballs.

    Tiesto (who is a god, in my honest opinion) earns more than $250k a show, which made his total cash pile for last year about $22 MILLION dollars. He's a busy dude. On the other hand, DJ Pauly D made more than million, which shows just how many idiots are going to EDM shows lately. I'm thinking that most of those bags of money are from sales of his hairspray/hairgel/tanning lotion/whatever else he is selling at CVS… but I digress. Avicii was in the bottom of the top ten, but I'm guessing he won't be crying at home over the $7 million dollars stuffed into the mattress.

    Other guys who were on the list:
    Skrillex (obviously)
    David Guetta
    Kaskade (woohoo loverboy!)
    as well as our personal inspiration, the pie loving Steve Aoki.

    So now djs yet have another reason for women all over the world to throw themselves at their feet. Besides having insane musical talent and being famous globally, they are also now filthily wealthy.
    It's about damn time.

    For some, this success comes after years of hard work and living off of Ramen. Also, many of these guys spend 10 months a year on the road, doing multiple shows a week, sacrificing family time and a personal life.

    In particular, I'm thinking of Kaskade, who spent years trying to ‘make it big', and Steve Aoki who has been in music since before most of his fans were born. I'm being genuine when I say that I think that money is well earned.

    See the Forbes article here.

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