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Spring Awakening

Spring Awakening Music Festival Trolls Thousands Of Fans Into Registering To Vote

Midterm Elections are coming up quick, and political tensions in the United States have not been higher in several decades. This has turned into a massive tide of people coming out of the woodwork...

Deadmau5 Plays Out New Rob Swire Collaboration At Spring Awakening Music Festival

It was a major announcement when Deadmau5 let it slip that he was once again working with Rob Swire. The duo's last collaboration, 'Ghost'n'Stuff' is easily one of the most iconic dance music releases...

Dash Berlin Cancels Festival Performance For Undisclosed Health Complications

Spring Awakening is taking place this weekend in the windy city of Chicago. The festival which has grown exponentially year to year since its inception following the one-and-done EDC Chicago has curated one of...

Afrojack Teases New Music Over Instagram, Listen Here

Afrojack was a busy man today. He woke up in Chicago after playing Spring Awakening Music Festival and then had to jet over to New York City for a headlining show at Marquee NYC....
Axwell Λ Ingrosso

Axwell / Ingrosso Forced To Cancel Festival Performance After Car Break In and Theft

Spring Awakening Music Festival is taking place in Chicago this weekend and one of the biggest acts performing was Axwell / Ingrosso. The duo were scheduled to play the Solstice Stage this evening as...

Sponsored Up & Coming

EDMsauce.com Artist of the Week: Famba

What is going on dance music fans!? We hope you are having a killer start to the festival season. Today we are bringing you...

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