Spring Awakening is taking place this weekend in the windy city of Chicago. The festival which has grown exponentially year to year since its inception following the one-and-done EDC Chicago has curated one of the most impressive lineups in all of Festival Season. That being said 2018 has come with a few challenges so far. Spring Awakening and their incredible active Twitter account have smoothed things over time and time again.

Spring Awakening Replaces Dash Berlin

First Porter Robinson changed his set from a Virtual Self performance to just a Porter DJ set after issues with stage design. Now Dash Berlin has canceled his performance because of undisclosed health concerns.

The festival has promised to announce the replacement for Dash tomorrow, but trance fans who are planning to attend are understandably upset. We have full faith that Spring Awakening will bring in some heat to fill the void, and wish Jeff a quick and speedy recovery from whatever is plaguing him!