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Tag: Maurice West

Hardwell & Maurice West Breathe New Life Into “Everytime We Touch”

Cascada's "Everytime We Touch" could easily be the most popular EDM track of the early 2000's. The track graced almost every radio station across the world with one of the most recognizable hooks in...

KSHMR and Maurice West Release ‘Festival Of Lights’ Off Of Dharma

Earlier this week, KSHMR revealed the creation of his very own label Dharma, as well as a new single and EP. The single titled "Festival Of Lights" featuring Maurice West was released today off...

KSHMR Just Announced His Own New Label, A Massive EP AND Teased New Single

Finally KSHMR has announced the creation of his very own label. We knew it was only around the corner as the producer/DJ has been cranking out tracks left and right. This kind of shear...

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Chris Valencia Release New Groove Club Banger

Whats going on dance music community? We hope you're doing well this incredible Saturday. As you know we are your #1 electronic dance music...

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