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Magnus Thorlacius

Matisse & Sadko – Invisible Voices (Magnus Thorlacius’s Bootleg)

Here is a classic song which was finally reupped by Magnus Thorlacius. This song was the song that made me start following the young Magnus Thorlacius. Magnus was born in 1998 and is from...
Magnus Thorlacius

Avicii vs. Alex Gaudino – I’m in love with Levels (Magnus Thorlacius’s Summer Bootleg)

Here is Magnus Thorlacius' new Summer Bootleg called "I'm in love with Levels" which is a mix of Alex Gaudino and Avicii's songs.

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Lora Tucci Impresses with Plucky, Melodic, Pop Hit

Lora Tucci is a brand new up and coming artist to the scene! We really love the work that she has provided us with...