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Hold Me One More Time At Midnight (Dzeko & Torres Edit)

Hold Me One More Time At Midnight (Dzeko & Torres Edit)

Dzeko & Torres have some awesome remixes including their newest release of "Hold Me One More Time At Midnight." This is a great song to end any set with as it incorporates Daft Punk,...
Calvin Harris feat. Example - We'll Be Coming Back

Calvin Harris feat. Example – We’ll Be Coming Back

Calvin Harris teamed up with Example for this new track called "We'll Be Coming Back." This starts out more pop than most of the songs you'd hear from these two, but turns into a...
Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris – Let’s Go (DafLip Remix)

Here is a pretty legit remix by DafLip of Calvin Harris' "Let's Go." I feel this song should be named "Let's Go Rage!" Direct Download
KA5UM A New Glass

A New Glass (KA5UM Mashup)

Here is a song I heard a few days back on Splash and didn't think to share it that was until KA5UM reached out to me. This is one of the perfect songs for...
Michael Allen Corn

Calvin Harris – Let’s Go (feat. Ne-Yo) (Michael Allen Corn Remix)

Ready for some heavy beats from Calvin Harris' Let's Go? I found this guy from a subreddit and am very surprised on this song. Repped from EDMSauce! Direct Download
Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris & Neyo – Let’s Go (Quintino Bootleg)

I'm really pumped on Quintino's new song "Let's Go" as it is definitely an upper song. Blast your speakers listening to this bad boy! Calvin Harris & Neyo - Let's Go (Quintino Bootleg)
Calvin Harris

[Classic] Calvin Harris – Ready For The Weekend (HIGH CONTRAST REMIX)

Another throwback is one of my favorite Friday songs of all time by Calvin Harris and High Contrast called, 'Ready For The Weekend.' With a high of about 85 expected for tomorrow I'm ready...

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Leitvox presents his latest single, The Dreaming Silenus

Leitvox shares new track inspired by Ruben's painting "The Dreaming Silenus."  The hypnotic and progressive techno inspired song is the second single that the Miami based...