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Spotify Error Code 73 – How To Fix It

If you’ve ever tried to log in to your Spotify account, you may have received the dreaded Error Code 73. This error can be frustrating, but fortunately there is a way to troubleshoot it. In this article, we will discuss what Spotify Error Code 73 is, as well as how to fix it. Keep reading for all the information you need!

How To Fix Spotify Error Code 73

Fortunately, fixing Spotify Error Code 73 is relatively easy. In most cases, the issue can be resolved with a few simple steps:

1. Make sure your internet connection is stable. If you are using mobile data or Wi-Fi, try switching to another network or restarting your router/modem.

2. Allow Spotify Through the Windows Firewall. To do this, open the Control Panel and select “Windows Firewall.” Then click on “Allow an App or Feature Through Windows Firewall,” find Spotify in the list, and check the boxes to allow it access.

3. Turn off the Proxy Server. If you are using a Proxy Server to access the internet, try turning it off and seeing if that helps.

4. Disable any Third-Party VPNs. If you are using a third-party VPN such as Hotspot Shield, ExpressVPN, or CyberGhost, try disabling it and then restarting the Spotify app.

5. Log out of all devices that have access to your account and log back in. This will help reset any errors associated with an incorrect login attempt on other devices.

6. Clear your browser’s cache and cookies and then try logging in again.

7. Uninstall/reinstall the Spotify application on your device if you are accessing it through an app instead of a web browser.

8. If all else fails, contact Spotify customer service for further assistance.

Hopefully these steps will help you resolve the issue with Spotify Error Code 73 and get you back to streaming your favorite tunes! Remember, if none of these solutions work, then it’s best to reach out to Spotify support directly. Good luck!


Q: What does the Spotify Error Code 73 mean?

A: Spotify Error Code 73 is an error that occurs when trying to log in, indicating that there is a connection issue with your account.

Q: How do I fix Spotify Error Code 73?

A: The best way to troubleshoot this issue is to make sure your internet connection is stable, allow Spotify through the Windows Firewall, turn off any proxy server you are using, disable third-party VPNs, log out of all devices accessing your account and then log in again, clear your browser’s cache and cookies and try again, uninstall/reinstall the app if necessary, or contact customer service for further assistance.

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