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Commix - Fallen

Commix – Fallen

Here's a brand new release by Commix called "Fallen." If you're looking for a quick, loud and agressive dnb song then turn around right now. Commix' new song is a very ambient and soothing...
Noisia - The Tower (DmC Devil May Cry Soundtrack Sample)

Noisia – The Tower (DmC Devil May Cry Soundtrack Sample)

Noisia has just released his game soundtrack for the new videogame "Devil May Cry." Unfortunately this isn't a new Noisia album, but it is full of ambient noises and "unexpected pieces of music." Buy on...
Sorrowgarage - Dawn (An Ambient Mix)

Sorrowgarage – Dawn (An Ambient Mix)

Mr. Suicide Sheep is one of the YouTube powerhouses for Ambient and Liquid Dnb music and he has just paired up with Sorrowgarage to co-release this new mixtape called 'Dawn' An Ambient Mix. Tracklist 00:00...
Uppermost - Overnight

Uppermost – Overnight

Uppermost is out with a new track called "Overnight" which is the perfect ambient and chill track. This song is a great song for your laid back nights.
Mr FijiWiji - The Mentalist

Mr FijiWiji – The Mentalist

Mr FijiWiji has produced countless emotional chillstep/ambient tracks in his day and here is with a new track out on Monstercat Records in which all of the money that he makes from this track...
Demure - Colours

Demure – Colours

Demure is out with a new ambient track called "Colours" which I believe is going to be my next alarm clock. This song is so peaceful that it is the perfect track to wake...
New BT Video Is a Visual Trip

New BT Video Is a Visual Trip

BT has just released his new 14 minute music video of the song Angels on my Broken Windowsill. The song and video begins very slow with an ambient sound and ambient visuals, but then...
Robert Babicz: Ambient New Music

Robert Babicz: Ambient New Music

Robert Babicz is an producer out of köln, Germany who produces ambient sounds with deep emotions. I haven't listened to much of his stuff before, but after listening to these 3 new tracks he...
Ghosts Of Paraguay - Touch Me E.P

Ghosts Of Paraguay – Touch Me E.P

One of the kings of Ambient/Chillstep music goes by the name Ghosts of Paraguay. Ghosts of Paraguay has just released his EP on iTunes which includes 3 renditions of his hit track "Touch Me"...
Comic Strips - Fragments - Ambient - Chill

Comic Strips – Fragments

Here's another chill and ambient track for this morning, this time from Comic Strips. Comic Strips would like to give all of the orchestral arrangements credited to Yoko Shimomura and the music sampled was...

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