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Best AI Logo Generators

AI logo makers allow anyone to effortlessly create custom logos by leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning, and neural networks. This guide explores the leading automated solutions for generating logos tailored to your brand.

What Are AI Logo Generators?

AI logo generators are online platforms and apps that use algorithms to design unique logos based on your input and preferences. They provide an intuitive logo creation process:

  • Enter your company name, slogan, and industry
  • Browse logo styles and select favorites
  • The AI generates hundreds of logo options combining elements you like
  • Provide feedback to guide the AI’s designs
  • Select your favorite logos and finalize using the online editor
  • Download logo files suitable for your usage needs

AI generators handle the heavy lifting of logo design exploration to create tailored concepts matching your brief in seconds.

Benefits of AI Logo Makers

AI logo platforms offer many advantages over manual design or hiring a graphic designer:

  • Convenience – Get logos instantly any time without needing design expertise.
  • Customization – Guide the AI with your input for personalized results.
  • Cost savings – Affordable monthly subscriptions compared to designer fees.
  • IterationReview limitless options and tweak designs quickly.
  • Quality – Algorithms incorporate effective design practices.
  • Easy exports – Download files in all formats needed for use.

For entrepreneurs, startups, side projects, and small businesses, AI logo makers provide quick, accessible, and affordable identity design.

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Top 10 AI Logo Generators


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We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Looka is an AI-powered logo maker web app with excellent output quality. Easy customization options.

Key Features:

  • Intuitive guided logo creation process
  • Hundreds of logo templates and icons
  • Design feedback alters outputs
  • Editing capabilities to refine logos
  • Download in all file formats
  • Affordable monthly subscription plans

With strong design automation capabilities tailored to branding, Looka generates polished, optimized logos.


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We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

DesignEvo is an online AI logo maker popular for its ease of use and stylish templates.

Key Features:

  • Easy 3-step logo creation process
  • 1000+ templates across multiple styles
  • Intelligent design combinations
  • Drag and drop editing
  • Download in PNG, PDF, SVG, EPS
  • Free basic version available

DesignEvo excels at fast logo generation in on-trend styles. Beginners find it highly approachable.

Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands offers advanced brand identity design including logos, fonts, colors, and branding guides.

Key Features:

  • Logo plus complementary brand assets
  • Industry-specific design practices
  • Advanced editing capabilities
  • Brand guide generator
  • Promotional branding materials
  • $15/month subscription

Tailor Brands positions itself as an automated graphic design agency for your entire brand identity.

Hatchful by Shopify

Hatchful lets anyone quickly create a logo free using Shopify’s logo maker app.

Key Features:

  • Totally free web-based logo creator
  • Minimalist, typographic logo templates
  • Limited customization options
  • No downloads – for Shopify stores
  • Host logos on Shopify CDN

As a free tool, Hatchful offers an easy entry point to test logo automation for Shopify users.

LogoMaker by provides a robust online AI-powered logo creator with 3,500+ icons and templates.

Key Features:

  • Drag and drop editing
  • Access to thousands of professional icons and fonts
  • Modern, visually impactful templates
  • Advanced customization capabilities
  • $15/month subscription with 7-day free trial

With extensive design assets and customization power, suits demanding logo needs.


LogoGenie leverages machine learning to generate unique logo ideas by identifying patterns in brand preferences.

Key Features:

  • Analyzes design tastes to guide logos
  • Constantly improving design algorithm
  • 1000+ templates and icons
  • Ratings help select best logos
  • $12.99/month basic subscription

LogoGenie takes an analytical approach to logo design guided by consumer preferences and ratings.

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LogoRank makes it easy to create a simple typographic logo using their AI algorithm. Just add text.

Key Features:

  • Fast typography-based logo generation
  • Minimal and effective brand fonts
  • Adjust font, color, size
  • Graphic elements optional
  • Free version with limited exports

LogoRank delivers quick and clean typographic logos optimized for social media and mobile use.


Logojoy leverages data and artificial intelligence to design brandable, effective logos. One of the pioneers in logo automation.

Key Features:

  • Data-backed design algorithm
  • Constantly evolving based on user input
  • Brief questionnaire to guide process
  • Logo revisions and tweaking
  • $299 one-time purchase

Logojoy takes a data-driven approach to maximizing logo design conversion and retention.


LOGO.AI utilizes artificial intelligence and deep learning to generate logo ideas matching your vision.

Key Features:

  • Directly communicates design vision to the AI
  • Advanced deep learning algorithms
  • Feedback loop improves results
  • Free logo revisions
  • Pay per logo starting at $299

LOGO.AI builds its AI logo generator based on communicating with users on ideal designs.

Evaluating AI Logo Platforms

When reviewing AI logo makers, analyze:

  • Quality – Do outputs exhibit solid design principles? Or generic and amateurish?
  • Customization – Can you guide the AI with detailed preferences? Or limited options?
  • Iteration – Does it allow quickly generating and comparing multiple concepts?
  • Editing – Can you further tweak and polish designs after initial creation?
  • File exports – Does it support exporting all the file types you need?
  • Price – One time fee? Monthly subscription? Free tier?
  • Reviews – What do other users report about ease of use and results?

The best AI logo platforms balance automation with control to match a vision. Test drive a few to compare.

Design Considerations With AI Logos

Keep these design principles in mind when crafting and selecting AI logos:

  • Simplicity – Clean, readable logos are memorable. Avoid overly elaborate designs.
  • Symbolism – Symbols and abstract marks are impactful. But ensure conceptual alignment.
  • Typography – Font reinforces personality. Mixing multiple fonts risks muddying logo.
  • Color – Restrict palette to 2-3 colors. Vibrant, not washed out.
  • Uniqueness – While trends inspire, too much imitation looks generic.
  • Scalability – Logos should function at all sizes, including app icons.
  • File types – Secure vector files (EPS, SVG) for resolution-independence.

The most effective logos balance creativity with strategic messaging and versatility. AI leads ideation, but human refinement perfects.

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When AI Logo Generation Excels

AI logo creators provide the most value for:

Early Stage Projects – Rapidly ideate concepts to evaluate different directions before committing.

Tight Budgets – No designer fees. Inexpensive compared to hiring branding consultants.

Streamlined Rebrands – Refresh logo faster by reusing existing elements algorithmically recombined.

Experimental Concepts – Free generation capacity lets you explore many wild ideas.

Personal Use – Create logos for personal social channels, side projects, small etsy shops.

Iteration – Tweak AI designs slightly to generate numerous variations for comparison.

AI logo makers enable testing many concepts before settling on a final direction. Validate ideas before investment in comprehensive branding.

Downsides of AI Logo Generation

Some inherent limitations exist:

  • Lacks human creativity – AI has boundaries in abstract thinking and originality.
  • Over-reliance on trends – Algorithms gravitate towards whatever’s popular.
  • No strategic framework – AI lacks underlying brand strategy insight.
  • No industry expertise – Algorithms don’t know specific verticals and contexts.
  • Not a system builder – AI focuses solely on logos, not complete brand identities.
  • Legal uncertainty – Ownership of auto-generated content remains legally fuzzy.

AI logo platforms excel at accelerating initial ideation and revisions. But fully realizing and implementing a brand still benefits from human creativity, strategy, and industry expertise.

FAQs About AI Logo Generators

How much do AI logo makers cost?

Pricing ranges from free basic generators to $50+ per month for advanced platforms. Many offer free trials. Compare capabilities to your needs.

Can I completely automate logo design with AI?

Not recommended. While AI generators accelerate ideation, you still need human judgment to refine concepts and ensure strategic alignment. Treat it as creative assistance.

How are AI logo platforms legal?

AI generators display implicit terms granting platforms license to auto-generate logos. But legally ownership remains unclear if unaddressed. Some allow buying exclusive rights.

Will AI generators plagiarize other logos?

Reputable platforms use datasets with millions of icons and fonts legally sourced and tagged. But duplication risks still exist without human oversight.

Can I revise AI logos after downloading?

Yes, most grant full rights to use downloaded logos however desired, including modifying in design software. But double check permissions.

Should I hire a designer or use AI?

If budget allows, a designer provides strategic guidance and industry expertise. But AI generators enable faster, cheaper iteration for initial ideation and lean projects.


AI logo generation tools empower entrepreneurs, startups, and side projects to easily create customized, high-quality logos on demand. They excel at accelerating early design exploration and providing affordable alternatives to professional branding services. While AI capabilities continue advancing, human oversight remains essential to refine logo concepts that strategically encapsulate a brand's goals and vision. When used together effectively, artificial and human intelligence enables logo design that resonates powerfully with target audiences.

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