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Ascend Music Helps Talented Artists Break Out and Get on Trending Charts

The music industry has seen significant changes in recent years. With the proliferation of streaming services and the increased ease of producing and distributing music, there’s been an explosion in the amount of music released daily. This has created a crowded and competitive landscape for artists, with many musicians vying for listeners’ attention and airtime on popular platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and SoundCloud.

Enter Ascend Music, an award-winning company that helps artists navigate this challenging environment. Through playlist marketing, they help musicians to get their music included on playlists on these platforms, increasing their visibility and reach to potential listeners. The team works with DJs and tastemakers with millions of followers on their playlists across all streaming platforms, simultaneously extending their clients’ reach. They also provide artists with analytics so they can see what areas need more work.

Ascend Music can also assist artists with charting, helping them climb the charts on iTunes and SoundCloud. Ascend Music has also landed artists on editorial playlists on Apple and Spotify, further increasing the exposure of their clients’ music. This combination has proven effective in raising awareness and placing artists where listeners can find them more easily, helping them establish a fanbase with little effort.

Ascend Music’s distribution services aim to help artists reach audiences across the world through major streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. This makes it easier for musicians with talent who may not have the resources or know-how to get their songs out in front of new listeners and increase their likelihood of success. The team at Ascend helps artists promote their music through various channels, including blogs and social media sites, specifically choosing ones tailored to their niche.

“We realized that it wasn’t just about connecting great talents with people who would love them,” says Brauch Owens, the head of Ascend Music. “It’s also about making sure that listeners can find them.” To achieve that, Owens and his team use their marketing and publicity experience to help artists access a range of different avenues to help them get heard by as many people as possible.

These services have proven successful, with Ascend generating $2.5 million in revenue in its first year of operation, and in its second year, this number increased to $7.5 million. But CEO Jonathan Jadali says they’re not just aiming for numbers—they want to help more talented people rise above the noise and get the attention they deserve.

The team at Ascend Music believes in supporting all types of artists with marketing campaigns that ensure each one gets a fair shot at success, regardless of their background or genre. They work with emerging talent and seasoned professionals to help them succeed by focusing on and amplifying their strengths. Ascend Music aims to become a go-to music marketing platform for artists who need help with visibility and exposure.

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