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In the Mix with Leia Contois: Crafting New Realities in the Electronic Soundscape

In a world that pulsates with beats and basslines, Leia Contois stands out as a harmonious blend of raw talent and relentless passion. Her journey in the past year has been an extraordinary tapestry of surprise collaborations, transformative festival experiences, and soul-stirring performances, all of which she shares with a candidness that's as refreshing as her music.

“It all started with Todd Terry,” Leia reminisces, her voice tinged with joy. “I was there to lay down some vocals, and next thing I know, we're releasing together.” This serendipitous beginning set the stage for a year filled with studio magic. Leia, with her characteristic humility, talks about working alongside giants like Bedouin, Gordo, and J Worra as if she's still amazed of how it all came together.

“Being in the studio, it's like a second home. There's this synergy, you know? It's where music takes shape, where ideas come alive,” she says, her eyes lighting up at the memories.


Ondalinda: More Than a Festival

Leia's experience at Ondalinda in Careyes transcended the typical festival experience. “It was a revelation,” she states. The festival, known for its immersive experience blending music, culture, and art, struck a chord with Leia. “You're there, amidst these stunning views, these soulful tunes, and you can't help but feel like you're part of something bigger. It's not just a festival; it's a celebration of life.”


For Leia, each performance is a unique dialogue with the audience. “You step onto the stage, and there's this energy, this unspoken connection with the crowd. It's electrifying,” she explains. Her voice softens as she recalls her favorite venues. “Red Rocks, Tel Aviv… each place has its own story, its own rhythm. But it's the people, the fans, that truly make it.”

Styled by Elizabeth Margulis, Leia's stage presence is as mesmerizing as her voice. Her attire for this shoot, a custom painted jacket by @cantstopdot, complements her vibrant personality in front of the camera. The corset top by @_rigash and @tata___la, paired with a skirt from @retrofete, and boots by @shoptylerlambert, create a look that's as unforgettable as her performances.

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A Symphony of Speed and Sound

Describing her performance during the big race in Las Vegas, Leia's enthusiasm is palpable. “It was like stepping into a different universe. The speed, the energy, it's indescribable.” She talks about the event with a reverence reserved for once-in-a-lifetime experiences. “I was there, in the heart of it all, music blending with the roar of the engines. It was surreal.”


New Horizons: Milan, Miami, and Beyond

Leia's schedule for the end of 2023 and the onset of 2024 is a whirlwind of exciting prospects. “I'm off to Milan, then headlining in NYC, then Miami and wrapping up in Tulum,” she shares. Each destination is not just a location but a chapter in her evolving story. “Every place I go, I leave a piece of my heart and take a bit of its soul with me.” – Leia affirms.


Talking about her upcoming release with Cristina Lazic, Leia's pride is evident. “So Deep is more than a track; it's a journey. Cristina's genius and the depth of the production… it's something else.” She speaks of the track as if it's a living entity, one that she's nurtured and watched grow.


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Reflecting on her love for EDM, Leia goes back to her first Electric Daisy Carnival. “That was the moment,” she says, a distant look in her eyes. “The lights, the music, the sheer energy of it all. It was then I knew this is where I belonged.”


As our conversation winds down, Leia's message to her fans is heartfelt. “Your love, your support, it's what keeps me going. I'm here because of you, and I'm not stopping anytime soon.” -she affirms.

In Leia Contois, the electronic music world has found not just a performer but a storyteller, one who weaves tales not just with words, but with images, melodies and rhythms. Her mesmerizing journey is a reminder of the power of music to connect, to transform, and to transcend.

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