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No Days Off: How Artist, Rapper, and Musician Chetta Inspires With a Tenacity to Create

Joshua Marchetta, who goes by the stage name Chetta, is the kind of person increasingly rare today: a genuine artist. Every path he takes in life focuses on some process of creation. He says it is what he lives for, “That feeling you get when you have an idea and watch it come to life.”

He has chased this motivation for a long time, a passion he turned into a brand and a career. Chetta has been in the underground music scene for a decade, producing instrumentals, recording, editing, and directing his music and videos. He also helped other artists, doing everything he could to help get art and music into the world.

Chetta works across mediums and modes. In the digital space, he creates videos, album covers, and even art for social media. In the physical space, he has worked on canvas and mixed media. He even designs clothing for multiple lines, particularly the Staff Workforce fashion line. If that was not enough, he owns and operates a barbershop, a kind of art in itself.

“It's always been about expression to me,” Chetta says, whose greatest challenge is common to many artists: maintaining the persistence never to give up. The music/entertainment industry is the most cut-throat business in the world.” He has faced no shortage of critics and challenges along the way. But he is thankful to be where he is and credits those who supported him. That's an important part of success, he says. “Remain humble and focus on all goals.”

Chetta's tenacity to keep creating has turned him into an all-in-one art machine. “It also challenges me every day to keep going into my thought bank and pulling ideas out,” he adds, having created his path to artistic success by using every tool in the industry. “My perspective is that anyone, if they put their mind to it, can create a whole lane for themselves, beginning to end.” He hopes to inspire others who share his love of art and creation to keep pushing through their self-doubt. “Even if you think no one cares,” he notes, “There is always someone watching and appreciating.”

He has more than proved it with his career. Having joined domestic and overseas sold-out tours that let him play in legendary venues, Chetta has had an incredible artistic journey. He signed with G59 Records, racked up hundreds of millions of plays on streaming platforms, and has dozens of videos available. Chetta also has more projects on the way. There is an upcoming EP, an album, new merchandise, new music videos, and a new seasonal release of his Staff Workforce clothing line. The lane he made for himself goes on and on.

Chetta hopes his future will bring more art and opportunities for new projects. He wants to learn as much as he can about the industry. While his music evolves and matures, he aims to get involved in the business side of things, do more physical art and start a gallery, give some more focus to his clothing lines, and eventually, work on a film.

It stems from Chetta’s tenacious ability to continue creating and helping others and his appreciation for the help he receives. If he can do all this and inspire others in the underground scene to keep creating, too, Chetta foresees a great future full of art.

You can find Chetta’s music on all major streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud. On Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), and TikTok, he is @J_Chetta.

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