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ADE 2023: Simon Fraser Interview

With an unmissable compilation as soundtrack to this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event, Play Records unveiled this years’ ‘Play at ADE 2023’ album featuring hard-hitting tracks from talented Producers all over the world. Mainly featuring Techno and Tech House productions, this compilation surely has something for every taste. We sat down with Simon Fraser, Play Records Label Manager, to talk more about the making of and behind the scenes of this release.

Hi Simon Fraser, how are you? 

Same new, same new.


To begin, did you have a specific vision or goal in mind when you set out to compile this year’s album? 


Yes. On my second trip to ADE a few years ago, I spent most of my visit in small, grungy Techno clubs. And I loved the vibes in those places. So, my goal with Play Records' ADE collection this year was to try to recapture those small club vibes – each track in the collection is what I would expect to hear in one of those clubs.


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When it came to assembling ‘Play at ADE 2023’, how did you go about selecting the tracks featured? 


We joined LabelRadar last year to run some remix contests. And it soon became a secondary source for original demos. There are a lot more techno demos (and high-quality techno demos) running through LR than there are being submitted through our website.

 Over the course of a couple months, I kept a close eye on the demos we were receiving and set aside all the Techno and Tech House submissions for possible inclusion on our ADE collection. And by the time I needed 20 tracks for the compilation release, I had plenty to choose from.


Did you set out to create a specific feeling or energy with this year’s compilation album?

See answer to question 2.


How would you describe the album to someone who hasn’t heard it yet?

Techno bliss.

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Do you have a personal favourite track on the album?

Yes. But I'm not going to publicly favour any of these artists and their works over the rest of them. To my mind, they're all great works for different reasons.

There are a range of different genres covered within ‘Play at ADE 2023’, tell us, how do you make sure you find the right balance between all the different genres, ensuring that there is a diverse range of music and Artists featured on the album? 


It's mostly Techno and Tech House. It veers into House, Bass House, Progressive, and Dubstep for a few tracks because, even though they're different genres, the attitude of those works complement the rest of the collection.

 I have a lot of fun selecting the track order on our compilation releases. For me, it's akin to putting the scenes of a movie in the best possible order.


What do you hope listeners take away from listening to ‘Play at ADE 2023’?

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The desire to listen to it again.


When did you first start the process of compiling this years’ album?, is this something that starts early in the year, ahead of ADE? How long does this process usually take?

Oh yes, well in advance. I just checked the creation date on my Play at ADE 2023 folder. It was created on June 26. However, we'd already signed a few of these tracks prior to that date. And the deadmau5 cover of ‘People Are Still Having Sex’ was one of the tracks he signed to Play years ago.


And finally, what can fans expect from Play Records next? Are there any exciting projects in the works?


We're currently in the midst of a remix series of all the tracks off Kardano's 2022 album called Art of Tones, Remixed. So, we have 2 more remix packs from that series that are out before the end of the year and another 4 packs early next year.

 And I took the same approach for our NYE 2024 collection that I did with our ADE 2023 collection. But rather than Techno and Tech House, it will mostly be House, Disco, Nu-Disco, and Funky House. Exactly what I'd want to be dancing to on New Year's Eve. That will be out mid-December.


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Listen to ‘Play at ADE 2023’ Now:


Play Records Online

Website | Soundcloud | Instagram

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