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Ridley Bronson, The Disco Adventure Continues With New House Hit “Flex My Drip”

Ladies and gentlemen, buckle up your dancing shoes and prepare for a thrilling expedition through the pulsating beats and infectious grooves of electronic music sensation, Ridley Bronson. From Milwaukee, WI, this maestro of House music has taken the world by storm with his magnetic creations over the last few years. Today, we dive into the enigmatic life and times of Ridley Bronson and take a sneak peek at his latest sonic masterpiece, “Flex My Drip.” Topping the Itunes charts, and taking over streaming platforms everywhere, “Flex my Drip” stands as 2023’s most electrifying hits.

Ridley Bronson is all set to unleash his latest opus, “Flex My Drip.” If you're ready to embark on a disco adventure like no other, this is the ticket to the ride of a lifetime. With its electrifying blend of disco melodies and tech house beats, “Flex My Drip” is the perfect elixir to ignite dance floors worldwide.

Speaking about his latest masterpiece, Ridley Bronson exudes enthusiasm and passion, saying, “I wanted to create something that would ignite the dance floor and resonate with listeners on a deep level. ‘Flex My Drip' encapsulates the essence of tech house, blending infectious rhythms with a euphoric atmosphere and disco influences. I can’t wait to share it with the world.”


Ridley Bronson's musical career started when he was thirteen years old. Young Ridley toyed with sounds that reverberated throughout America, mesmerized by the skill of sampling and inspired by the Golden period of Hip Hop. But as the electronic music wave swept him off his feet, he discovered a newfound passion for House music. Attending various clubs and festivals, he immersed himself fully in the intoxicating world of Tech and Deep House.


Ridley sharpened his abilities under the tutelage of Toolroom Records, and his own sound started to emerge. Soon after, equipped with a wealth of technical and musical knowledge, he headed into the heart of House music, Denver, CO, where he sowed the seeds for his own record label, Focus Four—a paradise for filthy rhythms and carefree pleasure.

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The turning point in Ridley Bronson's career came with the creation of his breakout hit, “Remedy.” Two years of meticulous work culminated in a summer release in 2021, setting dance floors ablaze with its compelling vocals and memorable rhythms. The track's success garnered hundreds of thousands of streams, marking Ridley's ascent to the forefront of the electronic music scene.

But he didn't stop there. Ridley's insatiable appetite for crafting invigorating beats led him to explore multiple mixes of “Remedy,” captivating fans and critics alike. Amidst this creative whirlwind, he shared other captivating tracks such as “Never Knew You” and “Choose To Dance,” further solidifying his position as a rising star.

Flex My Drip is a techno town ride, and everyone is welcome. Catch this chart topping hit “Flex My Drip”


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