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Inside the Beat: A Candid Chat with D.J.C.

From House Hits to Social Change: NexGen's New Wave

D.J.C. Fresh off the release of “Sexy House Thang,” a rhythmic concoction that has dance floors swaying, has opened up to the press about what makes him and his label tick. NexGen is the underground sound with mainstream dance floors, a vibrant collection of work that spans over a decade of electronic musical evolution. 

“Sexy House Thang” is no ordinary hit. Accompanied by striking animated visuals, it's a multi-sensory experience that captures the essence of NexGen's innovative approach. The creative process, according to D.J.C., was a thrilling ride, filled with artistic explorations, collaborations, and an ever-evolving sequence of ideas. “It's a journey that isn't over,” he teases, leaving fans eager for more. The magic behind the track can be experienced in this music video.


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But NexGen's vision goes beyond pumping beats and slick visuals. Just one week after “Sexy House Thang,” they unveiled “Crazy Youth,” a powerful anthem against gun and knife crime in the UK. A collaboration with UK artists Rob Sparx and Upriza, the song is not just a catchy tune but a battle cry for change. Shot on location at Leicester Unity Boxing Club, with an appearance by WBO champion Lyon Woodstock, the music video is a statement on its own. This is music that resonates beyond speakers and headphones. It's a cause, a movement, and you can be part of it by watching the video here.

The NexGen Approach: Quality Over Quantity, Creativity Unleashed

NexGen's formula for success is unconventional but undeniably effective. They've cut back on releases, focusing on 4-6 carefully crafted projects per year. The result? High-quality, engaging content that connects with the audience on a deeper level. Whether it's the dark notes of underground music or the effervescence of mainstream pop, NexGen's diverse musical palette ensures there's something for everyone without losing the brand's distinct voice.

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D.J.C.'s plans for the future are as exciting as his latest releases. An LP release featuring some of his thousands of musical sketches is on the cards, and new explorations into RnB, UK Garage, and Drum and Bass are brewing. And it's not just about the music; it's about the experience. “We want to invest in music that pairs with high-quality and engaging visual content. It takes longer, it requires a bigger budget, but it's the way to grow our audience,” D.J.C. explains.


For those with a passion for music and a spark of creativity, NexGen is an open door. They're actively looking for U.S.-based talents who can resonate with their approach. D.J.C. emphasizes the importance of chemistry with artists, inviting those who feel a connection with NexGen's style to check out their demo submission page.


As we wrapped up our conversation with D.J.C., it was clear that NexGen's journey is one of bold innovation, artistic integrity, and an unshakeable commitment to quality. In a world where music often fades into the background, NexGen's unique blend of compelling beats, meaningful messages, and creative artistry sets them apart. With D.J.C. at the helm, NexGen is not just a label; it's a movement. And it's one that's only just getting started.

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