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XXDillon & Sai It Ain’t So Are Set to Release Their Highly-Anticipated Debut Single, “Motion”

The music industry is forever changing, and some of the hottest artists have teamed up to bring their fans fresh and new sounds. XXDillon has just linked up with Sai It Ain’t So for their debut single titled “Motion.”

Julian Dillon, better known as XXDillon, is a producer who’s here to create and develop masterpieces for every artist he works with. XXDillon is uniquely able to put all the pieces together like a puzzle. Dillon is a puzzle master who creates, manipulates, and captures what you envision and incorporate into your work.

It is XXDillon's priority to work closely with his clients and put all the puzzle pieces together, no matter their level. He values hard work, and XXDillon has had his fair share of challenges getting to where he is now. XXDillon's calling is music production, which clearly manifested when he first stepped into the studio. His first studio visit brought color to his otherwise black-and-white life.

XXDillon's obsession with the studio setting grew, and he soon became obsessed with the environment. He made it his priority to be the best producer there is out there. XXDillon pours his heart into every project he works on. This dedication and passion have seen him make it where he is now.

XXDillon’s work mostly happens behind the scenes, but one thing is sure: he is headed to the top. He has a promising career with so much potential, and his upcoming release with hip-hop artist Sai It Aint So on their new release “Motion” is scheduled to drop on December 12th, 2022.

The scheduled release is going to be a launch pad for XXDillon, and it will be his first debut and collaboration. This project is years of hard work and dedication in the making, and we should expect something magical.

Like many other successful producers, XXDillon has had low moments and challenges in his career. His first challenge was when he was new to the industry. It was a confusing time for him as he had all the passion but didn't know where to begin. He is also a perfectionist, and this trait made it even more challenging.

Everybody has to start somewhere. Once XXDillon understood this, he managed to withstand and overcome the pressures and uncertainties. He chose to remain patient and spent most of his time making long-lasting connections and focusing on his growth.

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From all the hurdles and challenges, XXDillon's main lesson from this trying time is always to be true to yourself. There is nothing as powerful as knowing your potential, and it is possible to achieve whatever you want to—if other people have done it, you can do it too.

XXDillon is on a mission to own a studio and establish a record label. His dream is to help and mentor young artists and save them from the challenges he once faced in the industry.

XXDillon is on the verge of making a name for himself as a producer. Be part of this success story by reaching out to him through various social media platforms such as Instagram or email. Feel free to contact him for your upcoming projects, advice, or inspiration whenever you feel the pressures of the industry are becoming unbearable. 

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