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HAMX embodies the spirit of P.L.U.R. with “You Are Love” EP

HAMX presents a soulful sound to start the party on You Are Love. With an approach that transcends borders, the way he incorporates so many styles into a singular mix is masterful. Tech house, deep house, pop, hip-hop, and more all blend to make this dense, undeniably physical sound. One can virtually feel the club’s atmosphere of the outdoor festival because he celebrates unity within every track. A sense of compassion and togetherness prevail. Vocals further add to this undeniable human spirit that weaves its way through the journey. Best of all, he ensures that each work plays off the last, resulting in this escalation of energy. 


Less a song and more of a mission statement, “Who Are You” sets the tone. Vocals have a peacefulness to them. Lovely vocal samples cut to virtual snippets further heighten the beauty of it all, for it feels giddy when he introduces the hi-hats and sprawling chords in “Remember Who You Are”. Groove is everything on the shockingly funky vibe of “Tap If You Like It,” where he brings the sheer lustfulness of EDM into the fray. A more extended form of adventure unfurls with “Floating” and its pop driven vocals capping with a gritty bassline drop to seal the deal. His fondness for jazz becomes apparent, for he pares a rave-up aesthetic alongside a lounge-like rhythm on the remarkably immersive “Restless”. Things end on a very high note with the epic sprawl of “Black Magic”, fully realizing that sense of boundless opportunity and pure love for the surroundings.


You Are Love reveals a natural talent for that epic sense of buildup that good house music stands for, and HAMX executes this perfectly. 

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