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Afghan-Persian Singer Idriz Sanie sets New Record With His Latest Song, “Ayne”

Edwis Ahmad Satarzadeh, popularly known by his stage name, Idriz Sanie, has quickly cemented his spot in the global music scene. In just one year, Idriz has built a loyal fan base with his songs gaining 6M views on YouTube. His latest release, “Ayne”, is now taking his career to the next level and setting new records for the fast-rising singer and songwriter. In three days, the song got 600K hits on YouTube and was trending in Afghanistan and across Europe, with many praising Idriz Sanie's unique sound and style.

Idriz Sanie's sound is a bit laid back with sounds influenced by legendary artist Ahmad Zahir, Idriz Sanie's role model. He borrowed from Ahmad and combined this with his style, allowing him to deliver his life stories and talk about what is happening worldwide in the most rhythmic way possible.

To Idriz, music is more than art; it is the most powerful communication tool that transcends all distances. He uses it to spread love and positivity, and to highlight the diversity of people and their circumstances. He also shares bits of his story, something which can be felt in his new track, “Ayne”. 

Idriz was born in Kabul, Afghanistan, but he had to flee the country due to the war. To distract himself from what was happening, Idriz buried himself in music. He learned about writing music, how to read music, and play different instruments, and soon after, Idriz began composing his own songs. However, he did not release them.

Idriz is also an entrepreneur, Instagram influencer, and bodybuilder who has won several medals. As the eldest son, Idriz had to step in and help his family, which forced him to put his music aspirations aside. He worked at multiple jobs from sales to insurance. Idriz even opened three hookah bars, which, unfortunately, all went under, forcing him into bankruptcy. 

But Idriz did not stop pursuing his dreams. His passion for music constantly compelled him, and he decided to fully commit to it. Idriz devoted six months to music, and in the end, he dropped his debut single, “Ashubgar”. This was the song that placed him on the intentional map.

“Ashubgar” has more than 4M views. His second song, “Man Khaham Tora” is also doing exceptionally well with 1M+ views on YouTube alone, and looking at the current statistics, “Ayne” might even do better. 

“Ayne” is nearly crossing the 1M mark. Idriz is also working on “Ayne’s” music video, which is slated to drop soon. He plans to release the video with Avang Music, one of the leading Persian music channels. “Ayne” is currently available on all streaming platforms, including YouTube. 

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Idriz is also working on other projects. He says he has two songs ready for release. Idriz might release these songs before the end of the year. He also has 24 songs that are in the final stages, and he plans to release them in the coming year.

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