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The Story of Monaco’s Fast-Rising Artist, Young Cardi

Building a successful career in the global music industry is challenging for various reasons, including the tough competition. The music scene is complex and crowded, making it incredibly difficult to break into the industry and establish yourself. It is even harder when you come from a country that doesn’t have a big music scene or people to guide and support you. This was the case for fast-rising singer-songwriter Leonardo Schlereth, alias Young Cardi. But it didn't stop the Monaco-born and raised artist from marking his spot. 

Young Cardi has built a name for himself in the global music scene. His songs have landed on the Austrian iTunes Hip Hop Charts, France’s iTunes Hip Hop charts, and in Spotify Los Angeles, Miami, and Chicago’s pulse charts. Young Cardi's latest track, “STARGAZING” ft. Nafe Smallz got 150K views on YouTube in less than 24 hours. The song is currently at 1.3M views.

Young Cardi has also worked with Yung Tory, with industry bigwigs like BeatStars recognizing his work. BeatStars has created beats for Young Cardi. 

Young Cardi’s deep passion for music and unique style set him apart, and he uncovered his love for music at a young age. He says he has always loved music and took time out of his day to listen to music legends like Juice WRLD and XXX. Young Cardi borrows from these two and Kanye West. 

According to Young Cardi, listening to music inspired him to take the next step, and he slowly started creating his own. At the time, Young Cardi was 16 years old. However, he knew that making it in the industry would be challenging.

Young Cardi was born and raised in Monaco, the second smallest country in the world. Without a huge music scene, Young Cardi had to work twice as hard to break onto the international stage, and this was made harder when he couldn't find support. Nobody believed in Young Cardi. Many felt like music was a long shot and tried to convince him to choose a different career. 

But Young Cardi had his eyes set on music. He invested in this dream, and after a few releases and gaining some traction, things started to change. He began getting some support not just in Monaco but across Europe. 

Through sharing his journey, Young Cardi hopes to inspire others in music and other fields as he shows them that they are not alone and that hard work pays off. He also wants people to know that no matter their situation, it gets better.

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Young Cardi has performed alongside top artists such as Yung bans. Yung Bans enlisted Young Cardi as his opening act in Vienna, which was a huge hit. Young Cardi's songs have also received massive attention, with more than 5M streams. 

Young Cardi has released several tracks, including “Drama,” “Moon,” “Stone Island,” “Worth It,” and “F.I.L,” which was a trending sound. “F.I.L” has more than 2M streams on Spotify. Young Cardi is currently working on his first EP, OUTSIDER, which will be released at the end of January 2023.

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