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Paying Homage to Music Icons, Izza Releases “POPSTAR” as She Finds Her Voice in the Industry

Fast-rising pop star Izza’s single “POPSTAR” isn’t your typical love song. When you listen to it, you get the distinct impression that the young artist doesn’t have time for silly games because she wants to live her best life. Her lyrics are strong, witty, and downright addictive as she explains exactly what she hopes to achieve in the industry. “POPSTAR” is an ode to the most iconic singers of our time who refuse to apologize for being themselves or ask permission to shine brightly.

Izza has been a longtime fan of these music legends, but now she’s not only singing about their stories; she’s living them out herself with each passing day. Inspired by the likes of Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Kesha, Izza’s dream has always been to create music that inspires another young girl who wants to get into music. With an upbeat sound mixed with lyrics that speak about empowerment and individuality, Izza pays homage to her music icons by channeling their energy and sound. “POPSTAR” is energetic and empowering, an anthem for anyone who ever felt too intimidated or afraid to show their true self.

“Growing up with pop icons like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Kesha made me want to be in music because they were all unapologetically themselves, and that’s something I wanted to achieve,” Izza reflects. In a male-dominated industry, Izza found empowerment in following these iconic female musicians who continue to set standards for other female artists. “I am such a huge fan of those women and their artistry. Seeing them create art inspired me to find my voice,” she explains. Izza has released consecutive hits for the last few years with no apologies.

The artist explains that she wants to show people you can make fun and upbeat pop music with meaning. “My empowering lyrics and trap pop sound aims to encourage self-love, normalize vulnerability, and motivate listeners to speak up and follow their dreams. It was hard for me to recognize my accomplishments for a long time because I never felt like I was good enough. I finally felt like I won in life when I started to love myself,” she shares. “I also want to inspire other women to be in music because it is a male-dominated industry.”

Aside from music, Izza is also big on mental health awareness, which she incorporates in her songwriting. This has brought her many opportunities, including playing at the 320 Festival alongside artists like Chris Martin of Coldplay, Elohim, and Social House. As a mental health advocate, this was a huge accomplishment, and Izza hopes she’ll have more opportunities to do more of that in the future. It also confirmed that she’s on the right track professionally and is eager to see what the future holds. 

Izza believes nothing is impossible, and she’s won too many times to think otherwise. She’s also seen her icons break ceilings and inspire a whole generation that came after them, something she hopes to do in her own way. Izza hopes to be signed to a big music label soon and to travel the world entertaining people. She would also love to headline Coachella, win Grammys, and inspire people to follow their dreams.

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