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A noir-like take on love: Blu Jay’s “Unusual”


Blu Jay pours his heart out with “Unusual”. Relationships never work in a linear fashion. He makes that abundantly clear. Lyrically it emphasizes the weirdness of unequal interest. Whereas one person might be really feeling it, feeling the love, the other might be completely indifferent. A lot of pain comes from that moment of realization. The sadness of the song stems from all of that. Production values go for the highest fidelity with every moment magnified. Space is implied, as love can travel even as it dies away.

Chords echo off before the rest of the track snaps into focus. Snares hit with an emotional cadence, punctuating the power of his words. The geometric way that the beats shift, unfolding and folding into each other, adds to the sense of isolation. With rejection one gets lost in their own head, trying to unfurl what just happened. People question what they could have done differently, and what prevented that relationship from happening. Unfortunately, there are no answers to any of this. Instead, these are the sort of ideas that race through the mind before sleep, the things that keep a person awake at night, with the bitterness seeping through. The melodies that enter into the groove add and highlight this loss, the inability to do anything about it. A sense of being trapped happens within this moment.

​“Unusual” has a dream logic to it, for Blu Jay magnifies what affection means, and how it hurts when it abruptly leaves.

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