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Spiderhound – Phlame

Multi-genre electronic music Producer/DJ Spiderhound is Sean Naughton, an experienced musician, songwriter, producer and recording and mix engineer. With releases on Alpha Pup, Muti Music, Producer Dojo and Obskure Records, Sean continues to fine-tune his craft after 2 decades in many original rock bands.  Get ready to go on a musical journey with Spiderhound as he likes to produce in a variety of Bass music sub genres including Downtempo, R&B, Glitch, IDM, Leftfield Bass, Dubstep, Trap, Breaks, Drum and Bass and Experimental. His other-worldy new single “Phlame,” is a trippy, all over the place (in the best way) sounding tune that will surely turn some heasds across the industry. The track features spacey vocal chants, concrete rap verses, and an all-too-catchy instrumental section structured like few tracks are within this genre. Multiple points of highly-infectious and well-crafted components open up the spirit of those who take it in, rendering listeners with a deeper sense of purpose once the song has done it’s due diligence. Check out a quote from the artist on the single below and under that be sure to stream “Phlame” – you will not regret it.

“Phlame is a catchy downtempo bop that incorporates melodic and experimental vocals, rap and breakbeats. It’s all about that burning desire and magnetic connection between two people.” – Spiderhound

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