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Lorely Mur Sits Down with EDMsauce to Discuss Newest Record and Creative Production Process

Mexican Techno trailblazer Lorely Mur is the newest resident of the Hardpop Club, a long-standing Mexican venue where she has garnered support from some of the biggest names in the industry along with being the main headlining herself across the border. After discovering her passion for Techno music in Berlin, she has gone on to achieve some seriously impressive accomplishments, including headline sets for Da Groove and Zulu, whilst supporting sets for renowned artists like Deborah De Luca and Juliet Fox. She is constantly impressing the scene with a string of deep and entrancing Techno hits like ‘Interstellar Mission EP with Eclipse recordings.

Her latest hit ‘Acid Kisses’ is definitely one to behold, as she shows off her exceptional skills by intertwining a pumping bassline bound to get you moving with strings of fleeting synths before she kicks things up a notch with a grungy, acidic arpeggio that drops into the main body of the track with rhythmic and deep sounds bound to send you sideways. 

Where did you get the inspiration from for ‘Acid Kisses’?

Acid kisses was weird because I did this track at the beginning of the pandemic. I was super excited that I was finally able to play with my machines (because I have to travel a lot for work) and started by creating a simple acid line with my tb3. The main idea of this track was to use mainly analog sounds. 

What is the story behind ‘Acid Kisses’?

For me, Acid Kisses is a track that takes you to a journey of emotions and the improvement after a chaotic time. If that makes sense. 

How would you describe the track to someone who hasn’t heard ‘Acid Kisses’ before?

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I would call it techno, although some will call it Acid Techno. For me, all of it it’s techno. It’s a 138 bpm track but feels faster because of the bassline. 

What is your favorite part of the track?

Definitely the string and the drop. This is the part where ‘after the storm comes a calm.’ The track was named Acid Kisses because I added about 3 types of acid, which obviously is the main component. FYI, anything acid is my way to go. I am so in love of the acid sounds, it attracts my ear in so many different ways and that’s why I usually try to use it in my productions. 

What were your go to plug-ins, synthesizers and drum machines for this release?

For this track I used Diva, Tb3, Reverb pedal and analog four. I’m working on using more VSTs but for now I try to make a lot of use of my machines. 

If you could describe your track in one word, what would it be?

Spicy haha.

What elements drew you to Techno when you first got interested in the genre?

I always liked Techno. I started with more melodic Techno when I was the age of 16/17 and when I moved to Berlin at the age of 19 I shaped my sound in Techno. I guess I heard the real Techno and fell in love. This genre is very poor in Mexico and USA, sadly only few can understand it but I have high hopes that one day we can all learn from Europe and bring their music to the other side of the continent and make it part of a culture. I like Techno because it’s serious, dark, mental, it can make you feel any emotion, it’s powerful and clean. Many of the instruments and sounds used in Techno are raw and industrial, it can set an environment and the best part is that Techno is not for everyone, that’s what makes it so special. 

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Did you come into any problems or struggles when producing the song, or was it smooth sailing?

I always have challenges when creating my tracks. I’m still learning, I learn every day a new thing and with ‘Acid Kisses’ I struggled on using my Acid bass with my main bass. It only needed to be well mixed but it took time to get it to the right point. After acid kisses, my mentor and good friend Toma Hawk gave me some mixing classes using FabFilter Pro-Q 3, which I now LOVE and helps me with everything!

What can we expect to hear from you in the future?

I like fast paced, clean but hard techno. I will be released a Hard Techno track on Lakota Raw 🙂 Stay tuned!

Finally, where can people go and check out ‘Acid Kisses’?

You can always support your favorite artist 🙂 on Beatport by purchasing the EP or go to SoundCloud to Lorely Mur or Lakota Records. Thank you in advance!


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