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Sponsored Artist of the Week: Sha1000K

What is going on dance music fans!? We hope you are braving the weather in some parts of the U.S., and gearing up for a spring filled with new music! Today, we are excited to bring you yet another piece of our Artist of the Week series.
This week we are featuring, Sha1000K, back again here and this time with one of his best productions titled “My Bunny” from the album Laimon.

This is a special release from him as the song was made on special days of his life when he was on vacation.
He was playing with new sounds as always and adding some simple lyrics to the song to make it sound the best way possible.
The video shot was partly made in Dubai and Maldives and other parts in the studio having the  most fun possible while filming it.

The song speaks for itself talking about what he got on his mind but it's an artistic point of view  from him.

Sha1000K Was doing more lyrics songs back in the day but when he started to play electronic music everything changed.
He discovered the rhythm he really enjoys working with and so he started to deejaying also.
So spreading the love through the music around the globe and wishing everyone to have the best time possible.
In hope you have fun with it and get motivated to put yourself in a higher place and if it life permits and help others just because.
Something fresh for you all to enjoy in these hard times we are living now but as we all expect will end as soon as possible.

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