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Luhv x Colossus – Vortex (ft Realssm)

Breaks, a strong electronic backdrop, and even flute-inspired toplines all come to a graceful fruition on this glistening new collaboration between Colossus, Luhv and Realssm. The three upcoming acts are a unstoppable trio who deserve your attention in 2021 without a doubt and if “Vortex” doesn't prove that after listening below then I don't know what you tell you. Stream the collab after the jump and under that read a quote from Luhv on the track! Enjoy.

VORTEX started from a recording/jam session some friends and I were having at the house. Our good friend Quinn recorded some quick guitar chords that laid down the melodic foreground for the idea. Shortly after we added some chords from the prophet and some bass stabs using the SH 101. I always have more fun starting with analog. I’ve found its very easy to get in a groove and transform a simple jam into a promising idea without overthinking it. After organizing the takes we added drums and completed the arrangement. The song was sounding nice but it was in need of a lead to tie the mix together. 

The next day I showed the idea to my friend Sergio Flores aka Realssm and we both agreed it could use some flute! Realssm is one of the most talented musicians I know and his flute recordings always add some much needed spice.

A big part of my sound is tying together live instrumentation with electronic synthesis. I love mixing up the sonic space to give the track some soul. So many tracks I hear now are written in the daw w/ perfectly quantized notes and very little sonic variation. My goal with my sound is to bring back a live feel to Electronic music. I'm excited to share this EP with my listeners because I feel it captures that energy perfectly.Luhv


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