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White Lights Drops ‘Simulation Breakdown’ From Forthcoming Debut LP ‘NUMBSKULL’

“Simulation Breakdown” is the second single from White Lights’ debut album NUMBSKULL. The NYC-based musician and creator launched the White Lights project in 2012. After years of sculpting and rewiring his artistic vision, the musical and visual project is a full-scale visceral experience. Following the release of “Body Trap,” White Lights returns with another antipop single titled “Simulation Breakdown.” The sophomore single to his first-ever LP, “Simulation Breakdown” is orchestrated with ethereal rhythms and personal proclamations. Swathed in gritty time signatures, White Lights finds his purpose in drawing up sounds that relate to the human experience. 

“‘Simulation Breakdown’ is an attempt to share what my anxiety attacks feel like by drawing comparisons between them and the eerily common experiences of “Deja Vu” or what some people describe as “feeling the matrix breakdown” (ie: “I could’ve sworn I just saw that same car drive past my house twice in two seconds”). The song describes an anxiety attack via inner dialogue between my anxious self and my rational self. I try to illustrate the paradoxical thoughts and general confusion of someone succumbing to their panic throughout the song until the rational self breaks me out of my nervous spiral with interventional thinking, which helps me in real life.”

A fantastic collision of electronic and hip-hop subgenres, “Simulation Breakdown” tests the status quo of emotional music. 

Stream “Simulation Breakdown” here, and find it below on Spotify.

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