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The Top 15 Pryda Tracks

There are many superstars in the world of electronic music but only a handful are as universally praised as Eric Prydz. The Swedish born artist has been setting the bar for over a decade, with multiple aliases reaching the top of its respective genre. Conquering the techno scene with Cirez D or uplifting entire arenas with household classics like “Everyday”, “Opus”, and “Pjanoo”, Eric Prydz is nothing short of an icon in dance music.

The majority of his work has been released under the renown Pryda moniker. Pryda has been the gold standard of progressive house music for over a decade with no real impersonators closely replicating his sound. In a repetitive and formulaic genre like house, this is a truly monumental feat.

Celebrating a massive year with release of the three-part Pryda Vol. 15, here's the 15 top Pryda tracks. Any newcomers to Pryda fandom, this is a great place to start.

15. Illusions (Illusions / Glimma, 2011)
Get used to arpeggiated melodies, it's a Pryda trademark and “Illusions” uses one flawlessly.

14. Elements (Elements, 2018)
Nobody builds tension like Eric Prydz. Element's intro is guaranteed goosebumps.

13. Moln (Pryda 15 Vol. 1, 2019)
The standout tune in the Pryda 15 collection. Not the heaviest but one of the most unique.

12.M.S.B.O.Y (M.S.B.O.Y / The End, 2010)
Prydz largely grew out of this particular sound but it's one of his most fun tunes.

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11.Human Behaviour (Human Behavior / Lesson One, 2004)
The oldest song on this list. It is the blueprint for the prog mastery that was to follow.

10. Stay With Me (Stay With Me, 2017)
One of Prydz's most massive creations with strong techno influence. This could have easily been released under Cirez D.

9. Shadows (Eric Prydz Presents Pryda, 2012)
The intro to the Pryda album is among his most beloved classics. The plucky lead and vocals are unforgettable.

8. Lillo (Lillo, 2016)
An emotional tribute to a fan who was tragically lost to cancer. Prydz went on to throw two shows in honor of Lillo and donate the proceeds to charity.

7. Mija (Mija / Origins / Backdraft / Axis EP, 2014)
This embodies everything you love about Pryda. A flawless example of progressive proficiency

6. Layers – (Layers / Rotunda, 2013)
An absolute favorite among Pryda fans. One of the catchiest and re-listenable songs in the entire Prydz collection.

5. Niton – (Niton / Vega, 2010)
Sheer beauty. Prydz went on to remake and enhance this classic as Niton (The Reason) released under the Eric Prydz name but the original's excellence cannot be understated.

4. Genesis – (Genesis, 2007)
I believe this to be the first Pryda epic. This heavy, lengthy track was incredibly ambitious and still packs a wallop over a decade after it's release.

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3. Juletider – (Mirage / Juletider / With Me, 2011)
At one point this was the Pryda killer app. The main drop is among the greatest musical sucker punches in EDM history.

2. Rebel XX (Pryda 10 Vol. 1, 2015)
This is nothing short of state of the art. I dare you to find a tune more badass.

1. Allein (Eric Prydz Presents Pryda, 2012)
How can you not adore Allein? Translating to “at last” in Swedish, it stands as perhaps the most beloved Pryda track. Bearing far more similarities to an Eric Prydz entry rather than Pryda, it was a perfect way to end the Pryda debut LP on a high note. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face or a fist in the air.

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