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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Wooli On His New EP With Excision, Voyage Tour, And The Future

Over the past year, Wooli has skyrocketed within the EDM realm. From releasing collabs with the likes of Seven Lions and Trivecta, Wooli is slowly taking over the dubstep world. And to top it all off, today he’s releasing a brand new collaborative EP with Excision – “Evolution”.

Wooli and Excision first worked together when Wooli did a remix of his track “Her” back in 2017. Since then they've worked on the track “Another Me” alongside Seven Lions and Dylan Matthew which catapulted the pair to work on this EP. 

Excision and Wooli definitely brought out the big guns for this EP. Each track is full of heavy elements and their sounds blend perfectly amongst the four tracks.

“We started with one single song and the rest just came together really easily,” says Wooli. While most of the EP is on the heavy dubstep side, expect some softer tunes from the pair. “I’ve been trying to write both melodic and heavy, so this EP is kind of a perfect blend of that with ‘Oxygen’ and ‘Another Me’,” Wooli tells EDM Sauce. 

What To Expect On The Evolution EP

“Evolution” is an incredibly dubstep heavy track that will knock you off your feet. Featuring vocals from Sam King, this track is full of prehistoric vibes and copious amounts of bass. The track is full of drops we know and love from Excision and the eerie woolly mammoth sounds we know from Wooli’s tracks. 

“Lockdown” starts out with a blasting apocalyptic siren that goes right into heavy chops and an equally as deep drop. This track embraces Wooli’s “briddim” genre and we’re here for it. 

“Oxygen” is a collab between Wooli, Excision, and Trivecta. It’s definitely the most melodic of all the tracks on the EP, with a dreamy melody and vocals by Julianne Hope. With the heavy dub we get from “Evolution” and “Lock Down”, it’s a great change of pace. 

Finally, “Another Me” wraps up the EP. It's a track we already know and love produced alongside Seven Lions and Dylan Matthew. The track features softer melodies while also bringing the heat with heavy drops and earth-shattering bass. 

If you're someone who likes a mix of melodic dubstep and heavy bass, this is the EP for you.

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The Voyage Tour 

This August, Wooli embarked on his very first tour “The Voyage” and is still going strong. The Voyage Tour is Wooli’s first-ever headlining tour alongside friends Trivecta, Computa and Warez. After being on three different bus tours himself, it was a goal of his to have his very own show, and its come full circle. 

“It’s been a great feeling having my own show but also a little scary because when you’re the headliner, you’re the one responsible for bringing people in. But, we’ve been selling out so it’s been going pretty well.”

New Music

Wooli has always been writing heavy dubstep but has been experimenting more and more with different genres and sounds. Earlier this year, he released the track “Psyclone”, a psytrance-dubstep fusion that no one was expecting, but everyone loved.

“I've always liked psytrance and there's not really any tracks out there that combined the two genres. I had a lot of fun making it.”

After growing so much in the past couple of years, it's obvious that the future is bright for Wooli. There's a lot of different directions he could go in and fans are eager to see his next moves.

“The next step is definitely finding our next tour and figuring out what I want to do with my music. I have a lot of melodic music that I’ve been writing and at some point, I want to do some purely melodic stuff because I think if I continue to do just dubstep, I’ll go insane.”

Wooli is making it known that he won't be known for just one thing. Keep your ears out to see what he does next.

Listen to the “Evolution” EP below:

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The Voyage Tour

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