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Ivan Galvan Releases Bass Heavy Album “Mensajero” Out Now

Ivan Galvan first released his debut EDM album, Lisieux, in 2018, which was written in minor scales, giving it that hauntingly emotive sound. Airy pad synths overlaid with dirty bass synths along with hypnotic dance rhythms to create a texture that is quiet yet explosive. 

Now, the L.A.-based producer returns with his sophomore album, Mensajero. Written in mid-tempo and energizing upbeats, unclean bass synths and eerie down tempos, it takes listeners on a journey through peaks and valleys. An avid EDM lover would even conclude that Ivan drew inspiration from the sounds of Rezz, Martin Garrix, deadmau5 and Skrillex combined into one massive banger series.

“Mensajero is about a war between Archangel Saint Michael and Lucifer. The songs go through all the emotions of battle with the ups and downs. The moments of defeat and victory. And the moments of fear and bravery. Mensajero means messenger in Spanish. The album is red for the blood shed in battle with a sword going through the “e.” (espada is sword in Spanish which is why it was strategically placed through the “e”).” – Ivan Galvan.    

Mensajero Track List: 

  1. Tiempos de Guerra 
  2. Batallón
  3. Sangre
  4. Invencible 
  5. Espada
  6. Mensajero 
  7. Contigo 
  8. Revelaciones

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