Techno is on the move with a new release from Florida native C.H.A.Y.. His newest EP embraces everything techno and mau5trap. And, in just 4 tracks, proves his worth on the mau5trap lineup. If deep techno and house are your styles, you need to check this one out.

The EP kicks off with an epic first track. “Travel Far” nears nine minutes and take us through the artist's journey through sound. C.H.A.Y. draws us in with slow and pulsating grooves but hikes up the pace in no time with this one. 

“Into The City” embraces the weird and wonky sounds we know and love from mau5trap while distinguishing C.H.A.Y.'s own unique sound and style. The track includes classic sounds from movies with a dark, techno twist. “Crime” starts out dark and heavy while embracing bass and drums. The drop is big and makes me want to come back for more.

Finally, “Floxen” closes out the EP with its epic sound. Knowing that the track needed something more C.H.A.Y. included some of his own vocals. The result is the emotionally captivating track rounding out the EP.

My EP ‘Travel Far’ takes the driving sounds of techno and electro, infusing dark cutting bass swells, hits, sequences, atmospheres, and rhythms with a balance of melodies in-between. Music has always been a way to escape and reflect on life, and that’s something I wanted to hit on specifically throughout my EP,” says C.H.A.Y.

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