Australian producer Third Floor's new single “12 Months” depicts an emotional and personal tale of a relationship ending, and the mental and physical toll that it leaves on you. The bright synthesizers used through out the new single create a unique warmth that blend flawlessly with the guitar and rhythm section that come together on this one. Third Floor has a very bright future ahead of him for 2019 and beyond if he keeps creating music as creative as “12 Months”. Read a quote from him and stream the new single under that!

“It’s written about the experience & journey of a ‘Love Hangover’. You can't stop thinking about the person who left you, as you're still in love with them despite the way they treated you and you can't move on. When you break up with someone, you can't just go to the next person rationally or forget about them. The more you fight it the worse it gets, just like hangovers. Sometimes, a love hangover can be terrible and one you wish to get over but other times, it can be a good feeling. It's almost like a dreamlike state of euphoria.” – Third Floor