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Slow Shudder – Replay

Slow Shudder, real name Amanda Mayo, is a multi-faceted producer, DJ, vocalist & songwriter. Born in Miami, FL, she currently resides in Seattle, WA. Her shape-shifting sound blends her various influences across the spectrum: indie electronic, dance, experimental, and alternative music, culminating in a way that’s best described as forward-thinking, boundary-pushing pop. Her new single “Replay” reflects her versatility in the best way possible, showing how easy (for her at least) it is to blend various sub-genres and sounds and have a gorgeous end result. Slow Shudder recently released the first single from her forthcoming EP, Off The Rails, an exciting evolution of her sound as a solo artist. “Replay” is the next chapter from this aforementioned EP. A lovesick ballad for the modern day, Slow Shudder’s soaring vocal performs like an overture, building towards a crescendo of synth work that mixes elements of wonky alt-pop, 90s rave and contemporary indie dance. Check out a quote from Slow Shudder below and listen to “Result” under that!

“Even when it was just the idea of you, I couldn't get enough.” I started writing it shortly after moving to Los Angeles. After a breakup, I'd decided to stop dating altogether for a bit to focus on music, but a few months later, found myself crushing hard on an artist I was working with. I would replay all his tracks and all our conversations in my head, but not let on that I was interested. We were friends and collaborators for a while, but after almost a year, that artist (Cosmicosmo) and I started dating. Once I got deeper into the production, I thought it'd be appropriate to ask him to co-produce it with me, and I love how it turned out with both of our creative inputs.

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