Oliver Heldens has constantly worked to keep is sound both accessible and fresh. While he came to fame quickly for his exciting and fun take on the future house movement, Heldens soon settled into a groove of upbeat vocal house.

Then this time last year Oliver began dropping some heavier more tech-oriented tracks such as his rework of Sidney Sampson's ‘Riverside' or the releases under his Hi-Lo moniker.

Now as Summer 2019 is on the horizon, Oliver Heldens has teamed up with Niles Rodgers to craft a groovy new track which will set your soul on fire. ‘Summer Lover' features infectious guitar riffs, hypnotic vocals and a summertime spirit that will take you into a salt-air soaked trance.

It is the perfect tune to wrap up a day at the beach before a night of fun or to cruise to with the windows down and the music loud. Check it out below.

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