This story has almost written itself. Jauz took his shark imagery seriously from the very beginning…how could he not with a name like Jauz. Nobody could have ever seen that backfiring. Then an incredibly catchy children's song had a resurgence and became hauntingly omnipresent.

Naturally with the new popularity of ‘Baby Shark' fans were immediately asking Jauz to step up to the plate and do what needed to be done.

The Tweet Challenge Heard Round The World

Jauz responded to the pressure from fans by testing their dedication to him remixing the track. He asked for a tweet to hit 10K RTs, and sure enough, within hours, the mark was reached.

It was time to put his money where his mouth was. After many months, and several teasers – Jauz has announced when his Baby Shark remix will be heard by the public for the very first time.

Make sure if you are at Coachella, you hit the Sahara stage for his set, and if you aren't in attendance, check out the live stream to catch every moment of the action.

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